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80 Days: The Way to Get Yourself Entertained With a World Tour in Your Smartphone

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About 80 Days Android

Around the world in 80 days, is one of the most fascinating and interesting novels that children read. It essentially feeds their curiosity regarding the earth and instils a sense of adventure. Nothing great was ever achieved without a bit of risk.

The story is from 1872, however, it has been given a bit of twist and presented here for you.

80 days is a game where interactive storytelling has attained high benchmarks.

It starts off with the protagonist Phileas Fogg getting involved in a wager where he announces that he would circumnavigate the world in 80 days.

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Playing the game

You need to select a route for yourself in a globe available in 3 D for you.

On the course of your journey, you will be travelling by ships, submarines and even camels. You need to remember that the clock never stops during your adventure in 80 Days.

There will be instances where you need to literally race other players in order to get ahead of them and maintain your schedule. There are lots of new journeys that were originally not a part of the story but have been included here for more adventures.

Imagine making a journey towards the North Pole as you play this game.

High on adventures

The interactive nature of the game has made it a favorite among all people. The entire journey of Phileas Fogg has been reimagined here and given necessary twists too. The narrative seen in 80 Days, is never linear in nature. It always branches out towards new possibilities.

All the people who really love going for adventures, should not miss the epic journeys and voyages that this game has to offer. It is essentially a strategy game but combines different aspects of the management of resources.

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Explore a lot

There are over 150 cities to explore when you are playing this game. A lot of research into fantasy as well as science has gone into making it. You will be trekking through dangerous mountains as well as sail on a raft through the mighty Amazon or even go underneath the sea in the Indian Ocean. One thing you always need to remember is that you simply cannot fall behind the other players.

80 days is delightfully challenging as well as adventurous in nature. It has been built by using the Inklewriter engine. When you are playing the valet Passepartout, you need to keep a check on the health as well as finances of Phileas Fogg.

A race against time

In the game 80 days, you will always be on the clock. You may travel on steamers, balloons as well as horses. Al parts of your journey will be narrated in the form of a story here. The choices that you make in the game will decide whether you win the race or not.

There are ways to get hold of shortcuts that will speed things up.

By using the live feed in the game, you will be able to see the position of others in the routes that they have taken.

Every triumph and every disaster will be at your fingertips.

All in all, 80 days game is the perfect choice to challenge yourself and explore hundreds of cities during the journey. So get the 80 days quickly and start your adventure.

Have A Good Time Playing 80 Days APK!


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