A3: STILL ALIVE MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/ ManaStones)


MOD Features: Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Mana Stones & Unlimited Topaz. Unlock All Rare Hannemorin & Heroic Armor
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Meet the enthralling open-world RPG gaming with our A3: Still Alive MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/ ManaStones). It is free to download.

A3: STILL ALIVE Mod Apk Information:

Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold, Unlimited Mana Stones & Unlimited Topaz. Unlock All Rare Hannemorin & Heroic Armor

Open-world role-playing games are the most adored and widely played online games. Not only for fun, but these games also sharpen minds as they are a fusion of strategy and challenges. Though there are already hundreds of these, the love for the genre always makes the players crave more.

An excellent add-on to this genre is the A3: Still Alive game. A mobile-based game with an integrated battle-royale mode presents to all the users a never-before gaming experience involving fierce open-world combats and impressive level line-ups. Download Stardew Valley APK Game from our website.

About the Game:

Netmarble, an online game designer company, has launched this fantastic game A3: Still Alive basing on a South Korean A3 video game. It involves all the combat and tension common to the open-world RPG games. The game tries the mix up of different living and massive open worlds. You can download our A3: STILL ALIVE MOD APK to get Unlimited Gold.

Each player has to be cautious even with his companions and foes as friends can turn into enemies at any point in time. So the person vs. person mode is always on, taking the game to a whole new level. Featuring swords and sorcery, the game revolves in the apocalyptic world due to the presence of a red moon with dark powers.

The game is home to the following exciting characters, each with a specific playstyle:

  • Archer –Toys the enemies with agile movements and perfect shots
  • Assassin –Dives into the enemy lines and launches a sequence of attacks
  • Templar –Draws a sacred magical power and a shield using a hammer to protect from the enemy strikes
  • Berserker –Wields a mighty ax to curse the enemies
  • Wizard –Throws deadly attacks using a spellbound ring


A3: Still Alive Mod Apk features real-time combat for survival wherein thirty players play under similar conditions at a time. The gameplay goes in the following way:

  • Each player involves in various P2E and P2P battle modes that can be played either with groups or solo.
  • Large scale battle mode allows an unrestricted PK so that there’s a fierce battle between two groups amid complete darkness.
  • Each player must fight the battles to survive in the game in the shrinking battlefields with passing time.
  • The presence of darkness due to a red moon’s power scan makes the allies into enemies at any point during a battle.
  • A survival gaming mode called Battle Royale ends up in the hands of a single survivor at the end who wins the combat.
  • Strategic choice of the soul linkers can lead to the players being the rulers of the battlefield.
  • The players are destined to become the final survivors to win the rare loot, a part of the game. Download A3: STILL ALIVE mod apk for Unlimited ManaStones.

Game Features:

The game offers the following interesting features to tweak the gaming fun.

  • Dark Presence –Turns friends into foes with the powers of the red moon
  • Battle Royale – A survival mode that ends up with the winner of the combats
  • Soul Linker –Three types DEF, ATK, and SUPP with spectacular power that can lead to a player’s victory
  • Guild – The fellow members who can help conquer the battlefields through different conquests
  • Forte’s Seal –Multiplayer mode exclusive of Guild raids
  • Guild Festivals –Players can gain various items with special powers by participating with fellow guild members
  • 5 different classes like Wizard, Templar, Assassin, Archer, and Berserker with different styles.


A3: Still Alive allows communication with other players during the game, thereby increasing social interactions. With a wide range of more than 300 soul linkers and other characters, the player can never leave the game with a disappointing experience.


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