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MOD Features: Unlimited Gold Coins & Unlimited Diamonds
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Team up with 5 girls in the GODDESS KiSS O.V.E MOD APK (Unlimited Gold) and beat up the evil monsters!

GODDESS KiSS O.V.E Mod Apk Information:

Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold Coins
Unlimited Diamonds

About the game

Goddess KiSS O.V.E is a role-playing game from the house of FLERO games that is currently available on the Google Play Store.

Goddess KiSS O.V.E shows a world that is filled with peace and calm, after having battled a severe war that ran long. Nonetheless, as is always seen, the influence of the war there is a lasting effect here as well, wherein there is an outbreak of a genetic mutation that has managed to reign in a renewed chaos in the world.

This genetic mutation seems to have led creatures to become monsters who are on a quest to destroy the peace that is present in the world. Here, it seems like the only hope that mankind has is – the O.V.E team – a group of girls who cannot just hunt down these monsters but also see to their ultimate doom as well! Also, download the Dungeon Hunter 5 MOD to try it out.

What gameplay is involved?

In this game, you can arrange up to 5 girls in your team who will fight it out against the evil monsters who are a product of the genetic mutation. These girls will also have the ability to blend 5 different types of attributes of theirs into their battles for their quest for glory. These attributes will ensure that they achieve victory, every time! Download the GODDESS KiSS O.V.E mod apk from our website for unlimited resources.

You can expect intense battle and action where the girls fight against the monsters using different methods and strategies. Also, if and when the girls tire out, you could give them some much-needed rest by sitting to decorate their house with cute little furniture, in order to make them feel relaxed.

Sounds both adorable and fun, doesn’t it?

Game Features

Some of the most stunning and key features of this game are as follows –

  • The girls are always out on a quest to collect RPG which allows them to focus on different fundamentals
  • You get to enjoy a spectacular array of different battle effects that are sure to grab your attention every single time you sit to play
  • The game has some brilliant critical as well as strategic thinking involved, so put on your thinking caps while you’re at it!
  • You get to enjoy huge scenarios as well as more than 300 stages to play in, so buckle up!
  • You get to see various interesting and unique character developments
  • There are some cool strategies such as – Training Centre, Ancient Weapons, All-Star Battle, New Star Battle and the like
  • You get to decorate the houses of the girls based on your own choices completely!


If you like strategizing and world peace has been something you’ve always wanted to achieve (albeit secretly!), then this is your chance to give a shot at it – even though virtually, the emotions and feelings involved will all be real!

Also, if you like role-playing and enjoy watching anime, GODDESS KiSS O.V.E mod apk might just end up being a fun and interesting game for you. Have fun!


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