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Well, then there is good news for you. Lucid Adventures Idle RPG (Unlimited Coins and Gems) is the game one should try out after its global release. This game was believed to be one of the best VR games which developers of Giga created. It is basically a world that connects all players’ consciousness. Later, it was disclosed that it’s a real-world which God’s Toy created. It is a sub-space that is connected through a player’s consciousness and their dreams.

Lucid Adventure Idle RPG Mod Apk Information:

App nameLucid Adventure Idle RPG
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins & Unlimited Gems
CategoryRole Playing

Overview of this game

This VR game can be played in one’s dream. Also, due to its limitless sandbox feature, it is generally considered a second world, which is why it has achieved acquiring a massive following. Till now this game is released in certain countries only but has an impact in the real world too. Level up easily in the RAID game with our RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk and get Unlimited Gems, Coins, and Energy to help you out.

High rankers of this game have become immensely popular over time which led to them becoming famous enough to shoot commercials as other celebrities do. Moreover, jobs are increasing hugely depending on how good a player is in this game. Success and victory in Lucid Adventure will equal one honor and wealth in his/her real life.

This game has millions of players and it is never difficult for people to find other players in this game for the PVP mode. There is hardly any person who doesn’t play this game in the countries where this game is released till now.

Features of this game

The features of this game are interesting for all to know. These aspects will also reveal what makes people play this game and are getting so many people to join it on a daily basis.

  • First of all the gameplay of this mobile game is quite easy and simple. This means that anyone can download this game from Google and start playing it without much hassle. Once, a person gets to know what this game is about and what one requires doing to get ahead in it, one can start playing without going through long instructions. Unlike other games in Lucid Adventure, an individual doesn’t require tutorials.
  • As one keeps playing, each character can be updated so that it gets stronger and defeat strong opponents. All one needs is to run this game continuously. One excellent aspect includes that even when a player doesn’t play this game, his/her character in-game will keep leveling up. This means even without playing it every day all the time, one has a chance to become a powerful character in-game to defeat enemies easily.
  • Leveling up in this game is quite fun as one can opt for powerful weapons and gold which helps in strengthening characters. Such level-ups will lead to getting to goals one has to achieve in this game quite easily.
  • Ample rewards are bestowed on players who don’t even log on every day. Whenever an old player returns, he/she is given enormous rewards that assist them to become a higher ranking player quite easily in Lucid Adventure. All one requires is returning to the game from time to time and enjoy leveling up. This stress-free aspect of leveling up in this game has led people to enjoy this game and experience fun gameplay.
  • This game is free to play for all. This is another exciting feature of this game. Any player can pre-register for this game and when download it for free when it is available in his/her country. However, there are options where one might want to spend real money like buying certain costumes and other cosmetics. Also, with real money, one can purchase in-game gold for leveling up quickly.

These are some of the features which this game contains. All one needs is to figure out what his/her character in this game must do.

Gameplay and more


Lucid Adventures similar to MMORPGs where it is based on level system and also, skill, mastery of items, etc. are present in it. The whole world which is portrayed here is maintained by Roy Han’s core player character’s head. The unstable core of Zero’s retained head, as well as the core created by the players’ dreams, keeps this world stabilized. An interesting aspect of this game is that the number of players logs into it, the world here becomes more stable.

Food and sleep

Each player will have to eat food in this game. It is essential as if players are on empty stomachs then stamina they possess will steadily decrease till the time one starts eating again. The food here tastes identical to that of the real world. However, still, now it is not known whether players will have to use the bathroom as after eating one might feel quite full in Lucid Adventure.

Moreover, rest is also needed for this game. Hence, players can sleep within this game for adequate rest after eating. This also helps in retaining energy. However, more than sleep, food is crucial for the player’s energy and completing tasks that he/she comes across.

Game settings

Most people believed this to be a fake world which was created by Giga. However, it is quite shocking to most players by this game’s realism.  Hence, playing it becomes more fun and interesting. Also, it is the reason for gamers to play Lucid Adventure for hours without ever getting bored of it. Moreover, time is a little bit different in this game. One hour in the real world is equal to 7 hours in the game. This means that one year in the real world is similar to 7 years in the game.

So, this is all there is to know about this game. Lastly, you will need at least 100MB of free space in your Android device to download and install this game. Also, the Android version has to be 4.1 or above it for this game to run smoothly without any problem.

If you plan to know more, then opting to play Lucid Adventure when it is released worldwide is the best way to go. Get yourself pre-register today!How to download and install Lucid Adventure Idle RPG MOD APK on Android


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