Masketeers Idle Has Fallen MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)


MOD Features: Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Crystals & Infinite 3-Star Runes. Unlock All Epic Masks for Caine, Pixie, and Coro and Unlock All Special Costumes for Caine
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Take a look at this newly released game called Masketeers Idle Has Fallen MOD APK (Unlimited Coins). You can download it for free from our website.

Masketeers Idle Has Fallen Mod Apk Information:

App nameMasketeers Idle Has Fallen
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins, Unlimited Crystals & Infinite 3-Star Runes. Unlock All Epic Masks for Caine, Pixie, and Coro and Unlock All Special Costumes for Caine
CategoryRole Playing

About the game

Masketeers Idle Has Fallen is a game that revolves around supernatural mask abilities. These masks will give extraordinary powers to ordinary humans, which will turn them into brave Masketeers. You are responsible for fighting against the demonic power with your abilities. You are a hero that fights against evil and rescues the world.

It is an excellent role-playing game, which has the best orb-based battling system. Play more, and unlock new skills combines with orbs to fight against the enemies. Combine orbs help in damaging the enemies like never before.

Masketeers Idle has fallen mod apk has simple mechanics. However, as you play more and upgrade your abilities, you will face challenges that are more complicated. Keep on playing to develop new talents and strategies.


With Masketeers Idle has fallen mod apk, step into the world of masks, which has special abilities. Level up your mask and empower yourself to fight against the demonic evils of the world. The gameplay of the game is refreshing.

The best thing about this game is that you can use orbs to cast spells. Combine your orbs with your heroes. You can unlock more orbs combos by upgrading your heroes. With this, way you can damage your enemies more severely than in ordinary fights. Collect new masks and blessings of the guardians to encounter powerful enemies. By completing new levels, you will achieve new abilities. Get Unlimited Gold and Money with Dungeon Hunter 5 APK MOD.

Discover new runes and relics in your journey to save the world against the darkness. Use a chain or orbs combined with the supernatural powers of heroes to gain victories and defeat the most powerful evil. You can also dismantle the masks that you are not using anymore. Destroying the masks will turn them into dust, which can be used to upgrade a useful mask or to obtain the desired stats.


Masketeers Idle has fallen is a role-playing game developed by Appxplore (iCandy). The masketeers mask will help you to free the world against negative emotions. Encounter powerful enemies, meet new masketeers, and enhance your abilities to fight against evils.

Play frequently to unlock new masks to complete your daily task.  Download the Masketeers Idle Has Fallen mod apk to get Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Crystals resources on your game account.

Let us discuss some of the best features of the game:

–         You will be equipped with immense power by collecting rare runes and various bonuses. Use these runes in your battle strategies that suit them best.

–         Master the art of orb in this battle against evil. Create a chain of orbs combined with heroes to fight against deadly enemies. With this feature, you can practice unique attacks. Use them widely with your team to defeat the wraiths.

–         Keep playing, and gain more experience. It will help you in accomplishing the challenges and achieve new heights of success. Use your talent, skills, and strategies, which increase your potential of leveling up your game.

–         You are not alone. There are charms, wisps, fortune creatures, and Guardians, which will help you in your journey. They will bring you luck at the time of help.


Masketeers: Idle has fallen is the best role-playing game that will keep you engaged with its best gameplay. It will give you the experience of acquiring supernatural abilities to save the world. The game has outstanding graphics, which enhance your overall experience.


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