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Runic Rampage – Action, and Power Packed Game for Adrenaline Rush

You can download Runic Rampage APK game for free from our website.

About Runic Rampage Android

Runic Rampage is an isometric, bash-hack-slash game that has dungeons for the environment. It is similar to Diablo and Gauntlet. It is a very simple-looking game, which all of you can play. It is an easy game, both player-wise and hardware-wise as well.

Nearly, all devices and computers are compatible with this game. It is a lovely experience, for those who are seeking an adrenaline rush.

Story & Gameplay of Runic Rampage

The game starts with an old man telling you, that your village is suffering from a kind of plague. People are also calling it ‘Beard Rot’. The disease supposedly has no cure.  You as the player have been given the responsibility to search for the Library of Stones, which is the cure. The way is filled with demons and monsters. You will have to fight your way, through it. Play with unlimited gems and unlimited coins RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk.

On the way, you will learn about the dwarf princes, who were going to become kings. However, they are also missing from the scene. This has brought in many demons and monsters, which are ravaging society.

Runic Rampage APK is not too demanding, on its players. You are welcome to smash and bash demons and monsters. The attacks are pretty simple. You can make use of the WASD keys and can attack them with the left button on the mouse. You click on the right button to move forward.  You can create combo shots by combining both buttons.

You can jump and attack, spin and attack, and more.

Game Features

  • OTT Violence is the main ingredient in the games
  • There are hardcore bosses and masters in the game
  • You can do awesome enemy damage
  • The sounds are fantastic
  • The atmosphere of the game is gruesome and absorptive
  • You get to encounter different battles each day.

Runic Rampage Reviews

As per recent reviews, the main problems are with the controls. The right button on the mouse is used to dash and also used in combos. That becomes cumbersome at times. Dashing forward is the main way to defend oneself. The decision of when to dash can be tricky. You have to swing your weapon and then dash; it can be difficult at times. Get stunning graphics in Wonder Knights VIP Retro Shooter RPG.

Some hits just go off the mark. You might feel frustrated at certain times. The game could have a more dedicated and personalized button and the right and left clicks can be kept for light and heavy attacks on enemies.

Some people are hoping for an upgrade. But, people say the game is great. There seem to be some problems, with the controls. There are too many bosses and monsters. The graphics is very good, people are saying. However, it gets boring at certain times.

The main problem lies with the attack buttons. Some have given the game a five-star. Hack n Slash games are doing well these days.  The main problem areas are the controls. It can run well on other old gadgets as well. It is cool stuff and pretty compatible with everything.

Have A Good Time Playing Runic Rampage on Android!


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