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Suyoung Jang, who was at the helms of developing the previous two games of the hit franchise Witch Spring, has returned again with a bang with the latest release WitchSpring3.

You can download the WitchSpring3 APK game for free from our website.

Developed by KiwiWalksm, the original paid version, this game brings back the story of witches being chased by warriors with promising sets of new challenges.

About WitchSpring3 Android


The game is set in the continent of Derkarr, which is one of the neighboring continents of Vavella which was used as the setup for the previous two releases. The events that follow are of the same timescale as that of Luna and Pieberry (characters of previous games). The new story is that of Eirudy, a Marionette Witch who has taken seclusion and lives in the dangerous Misty forest. If you want, you can also download Cartoon Dungeon VIP apk.

She only has dolls as her companions, so she longs to make real friends. Her life takes a new path when she comes across a Human Boy.

For those players who have already played the previous two games, they will be quite familiar with the gameplay. The game provides a lot of rewards if players choose to deviate from the main story. Exploring the skills of the players are well tested. The game offers three different sets of endings which are Light, Dark, and True. Postgame contents mainly link the Light and True paths.

WitchSpring3 was released in five different sets of languages (English, Korean, Japanese along with Traditional and Simplified Chinese) the game received its latest update in 2018 with version 1.31.

2019 is yet to witness any updates. However, the developers have stated that a slew of new updates will make Dekarr more natural-looking.

The New Set of Features

WitchSpring3 offers a new set of features, some of which are listed below:

  • Battle menu evolves continuously as the powers of Eirudy increase with different sets of training.
  • New OST
  • As a character, players can even enter the villages before the postgame
  • Storyline choice has improved considerably
  • Gamers will have the option to choose from three different growth paths which are Summoner (where players will require to summon dolls during battle. Download Raid: Shadow Legends Mod Apk to avail of unlimited resources.
  • Players can choose between good and bad endings. A good ending comes with new events, outfits, battles, and locations.

How to get legendary weapon updates?

There are a total of three legendary weapons that are available in WitchSpring3 APK. Fine Blade Shubetha is the only weapon along with the three that can be updated in any of the routes. But the other two i.e., Armedak Holy Sword and Revgato’s Old Staff will require the gamers to choose either the Truth or Light paths.

For Fine blade Shubetha, players will have to complete a quest in chapter three. On completing the quest, players will be rewarded a rare metal. This will help you to equip Fine Blade Shubetha perfectly.

For Old Staff of Revgato, players will have to complete the events in Temples of Married Spring of Revgato. After completing these quests, Eirudy will enter a new vision, where she will find the Staff of Revgato floating just behind her.

Players will get a chance to explore a new set of fantasies and will enjoy the gaming experience that WitchSpring3 offers

Check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

WitchSpring3 Promises To Continue the Legacy of Its Predecessors.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the .apk file, Install it and start the game!

Have A Good Time Playing WitchSpring3 on Android!


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