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MOD Features: Unlimited Cash & Unlimited Gems
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The name of the game is itself attractive! Beauty salons are always in demand. Whether you want to do a makeover, paint your nails in a stylish way, or have a different hairstyle, everything comes down to one place- the beauty salon!

Imagine how interesting it would be if you could dress up and help other people be the best version of themselves! We are sure that it excited you pretty much as it did to us! You can do all of this with Idle Beauty Salon MOD APK (Unlimited Cash/ Gems).

Idle Beauty Salon Mod Apk Information:

App nameIdle Beauty Salon
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Cash & Unlimited Gems

Idle Beauty Salon MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Idle Beauty Salon Mod Apk file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

Unlimited Cash

The aim of this game is to create the greatest business with your idle beauty salon. You can learn how to earn cash from customers in order to grow your business. Apart from the in-game free ways to get Cash you can buy virtual cash with real money with your credit card. Although, you can download our Idle Beauty Salon Mod Apk to get Unlimited Cash resources.

Unlimited Gems

Gems are the special currency used in the game. Cash is good but you need gems also for the glitter of your salon. Upgrade, level up, improve by spending your gems. They are limited tho and not so easy to obtain. Gathering them can take a lot of time, that’s why we suggest you download our Idle Beauty Salon MOD APK with Unlimited Gems.

About the Game

The Idle Beauty Salon is a gaming app that will help you have the first-hand experience of doing someone’s makeover and making them beautiful! It is a game based on real-life things and lets you judge things yourself.

Every girl dreams of being the epitome of beauty and glam! Each time you go to a salon to get your hair, nails, and massage done, you leave the place with a little more confidence in yourself. Now, what if the roles are interchanged and you get to run a salon and make others pretty? The game exactly lets you do that!

Everyone playing the game of Idle Beauty Salon can start their own salon with all the facilities that a real salon offers you! You get customers who need their hair done or nails done, and you being the manager of the salon need to take care of the tiniest detail of the salon!

Business flourishes whenever the customers are happy! This virtual reality mobile game exactly gives you that position and hands over the duty of making the customers satisfied to keep your salon business going!

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The Idle Beauty Salon game lets your creative side yours to come out in the open and use that to run a virtual business, which is similar to that of a real business! All you need is a good mindset with business skills and knowledge to have an advantage in this game.

It lets you start with barbers and some nail techniques. Gradually, when you serve well, make your customers happy, the game upgrades, and lets you offer your customers a professional service. Just like a real-world business, the game offers you to put up banners of your salon to promote itself and earn new customers!

The game is been designed with beautiful graphics and attractive features that made Idle Beauty Salon a famous game among teenagers! Get Unlimited Money in Coach Bus Simulator.

Game Features

Some very interesting and highlighting features of the game include:

  • Real Business experience- The game lets the users have a real business experience. The way a business runs, the promotional campaigns, managing several customers at a time, offering different services, satisfying and making the customers happy are all a crucial part of a business that makes it successful in the long run. The game helps you gain that experience!
  • Understanding management jobs- Since you are the owner and manager of the salon, you have the manager’s duties! You need to look after the customers as well as your workers and check on the loopholes faced by your business.
  • Opening up of a spa- Once your business starts to flourish, you can start converting it into a spa salon that will take care of the outer beauty of your customers as well as their inner beauty. Take care of your customer’s health and see how your business grows!

Running and managing a business in real life comes with a lot of responsibilities and of course, huge investments. What can be better than having the same experience virtually? With interesting features and amazing gameplay, Idle Beauty Salon is indeed the ‘ideal’ game for you to groom your business mind and ideas that in reality comes with many hurdles! Get Unlimited Cash and Gems with Idle Beauty Salon MOD APK.


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