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MOD Features: Unlimited Lungmen Dollars, Unlimited Orundum, Infinite Originite Primes, Infinite Commemorative Furniture, Free Recruitment Permits, Free Headhunting Permits & Unlimited Expedited Plans
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Yostar Limited.
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Find your aim in this game and achieve it with ease with our latest Arknights MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Orundum).

Arknights Mod Apk Information:

App nameArknights
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Lungmen Dollars
Unlimited Orundum
Infinite Originite Primes
Infinite Commemorative Furniture
Free Recruitment Permits
Free Headhunting Permits
Unlimited Expedited Plans

About the game

Arknights from the house of Yostar Limited is a strategy-based role-playing game that is available for download on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. In this game, you take on the role of a member at Rhode Island, which is a pharmaceutical company that works to fight off a deadly infection as well as the unrest this infection ends up leaving in its wake.

You will have to carefully and strategically play out the game to ensure a strong and resilient for the Dawn and it also helps to determine the future of the pharmaceutical that is – Rhode Islands.

What are the game features of Arknights?

The specific game features of Arknights is as follows –

  • It is a well-detailed and gorgeous anime-style game that comes with the perfect combination of RPG as well as interesting strategy elements.
  • It has hundreds and thousands of unique Operators spread across a variety of classes and they each open up an array of gameplay options.
  • You get to create your own Base Builder, using your own preferred infrastructure, which is why there is sure to be overall micromanagement, and also managing the morales of the Operators who have been assigned to those particular blocks as well as looking into the management of the Order and Production too.
  • It has an Auto Deploy System that conveniently allows you to free up the use of your hands. Also, try out Papa’s Freezeria To Go!
  • In this game, you can carve out a home for yourself as per your needs and requirements, with the help of the Base Construction System.
  • The game has a good overall Tower Defence System whereby the defeated Operator reappears in your deck once again, enabling you to redeploy it later.
  • All Operators have individual skills that can be utilized. Try this PewdiePie’s Pixelings Mod Apk.
  • You get to ‘promote’ your Operators wherein the Operators end up gaining certain ‘traits’ that are sure to come in handy in the game at a later stage. You can play this game with unlimited Orundum and unlimited Money, by downloading our Arknights MOD apk.
  • You can easily complete missions in harder levels at 3+ stars and below, without help from a friend.
  • This game comes with a robust, catchy, and interesting soundtrack along with voice-overs from some of the most interesting Japanese voice actors and actresses, who ensure that your overall gaming experience is extremely fulfilling and sublime. Read more about this game and then get the Arknights mod APK to avail of its features.

What are the details of the game Arknights?

Being one of the key members in Rhode Islands – the pharmaceutical company is desperately trying to fight off a deadly infection and is also making efforts to contain the unrest caused by the infection in the wake of the destruction caused by it. If you want unlimited money, then download Arknights Mod Apk.

In this game, you get to work in coordination with your leader Amiya as you both look to recruit Operators and then train them. After training them, you assign them with various assignments and operations that require them to look after the well-being and protection of innocent people as well as make an effort to resist those who are making an attempt to thrust the world into turmoil. You may also download Papa’s Freezeria HD

The tactics you make use of are what will determine the future of Rhode Islands. You will have to give your all to ensure that you can fight bravely for the Dawn.

What are the requirements for downloading the game?

If you are an Android user, it is suggested that you have a minimum configuration of 2G RAM as well as have 2GB of free space on your mobile. The size of the game is 64 GB.


If you’re looking for an overall smooth gaming experience then this is one game you can surely consider. Although there are beta versions available, the actual game (the finished product) is much more interesting to play. Most importantly, this strategy-based role-playing game has certain interesting features that set it out from similar games. You get to enjoy the game as it is F2P friendly and not P2W.

It has some amazing graphics and artwork. However, make sure that it is compatible with your mobile phone because when looking to download it in Android, your system should at least be 4.1 and up. Download the Arknights MOD APK from our website below

Have A Good Time Playing Arknights!


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