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Last Game of the Year 2018: Into the Breach, A perfect follow-up of 2012 hit legendary faster than Light (FTL). Subset games have introduced a new tactical gaming venture Into the Breach that promises to up the ante. You can download Into the Breach APK game for free from our website.

About Into the Breach Android

It’s a pixel-based game with detailed animations that are eventually expected to make their way into your phones sooner or later. This will allow avid game lovers to play this mind-boggling game anywhere. Whenever they wish to test a game-winning strategy. Get Teamfight Tactics Mod Android with Unlimited XP.

The basic necessity requires the players to position their units tactically. But they must avoid getting hit by shooters, punches, bombings, and so on. Monsters evolve from the grid bases with attacks limited to only one for each turn. A set of smart rules and engrossing interactive gameplay makes this gaming experience a significant one to remember for years to come.

Features of the game:

With each roguelike run of Into the Breach, gamers will be able to unlock new starting positions. Each squad comprising of a set of three mechs have their unique bits of talent.

One begins with a simple Rift Walker who uses simple knockback punches to damage opponents. It is followed by tanks with knockback shots and artillery units which are capable of knocking off all the adjacent tiles.

As one progresses into the game, Blitzkrieg is unlocked with which one harnesses the power of summoning light and using it as an electrical whip. You just have to install the Into the Breach APK file on your Android device and you are ready to play the game.

The Gameplay of Into the Breach Android

This lighting is capable of damaging everything. On the adjacent with the unparalleled power of destructive capabilities. Boulder Mech and Hook Mech grapple the enemies. They are pushing them to the adjacent tiles and uproots the tiles by heaving air attacks.

Flame Behemoths and Frozen Titans have their unique set of abilities which one can surely make a clear guess. But that too comes with an intriguing twist that will allow gamers to experiment.

Players are given an option to make a special pick from an array of 13 pilots with a set of unique abilities. Once unlocked, these pilots can be disposed to one of the meshes. You may also download Battlevoid: Sector Siege Apk. This gives the players an added advantage over their opponents even before starting the game. Based on the progress, gamers can choose from the option of four islands which they would like to visit first. Choices should always be based on the artillery present at once dispense.


  • The galvanizing concept of tactical gameplay and block puzzles
  • Stories are dynamic, based on the turns and positioning of the mechs
  • The soothing musical score will help the gamers concentrate better

Platforms: Into the Breach Runs on Pc, Nintendo Switch, and Mac and now on Android.


  • Won “The Game Awards 2018” for the Best Strategy Game
  • IGF 2018 Finalist: Grand Prize
  • IGF 2018 Finalist for Excellence game Designing concept

Make the most out of the limited moves that are available in your arsenal. Unleash hammer blows to blow off your opponents!

Based on tactical battles, this 8×8 grid game will leave gamers scratching their head as they would be left wondering, how to survive the mess.

Have A Good Time Playing Into the Breach Android game!

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