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About The Escapists Android

This game begins with a scenario, where you have committed a crime. In The Escapists APK game, you need to survive the scene after committing the crime. The whole setting of the game is rather unique and provides you with an experience of spending time behind the bars.

You have to stay within the different barbed wires and fences when you play this game. The main character had his life of crime; however, he has been caught now. Staying behind bars now, you require creating a route of the prison. The whole gameplay that you will find here, is immersive and thrilling in nature.

Challenge of breaking out

Just as regular prisoners have roll calls and there is a time for lights to go out, you will have the same. You cannot get out of jail for free. You need to take up the challenge and break out of the prison using your wits as well as skills. You need to have a mindset where no walls of the jail can hold you captive. The Escapists Android provides you with a platform where escape is the sole objective in your life.

Strategize escape

The guards would be always watching you carefully. You need to continue with your daily prison life as you plan your escape. There are lots of objects that can be used for escaping. You have to get hold of those rights in front of their watchful eyes. You have to make use of tools like shovels to plan your escape. You also need to pick up some handy weapons, in order to survive fights that you may encounter.

The Escapists, provide you with ample opportunities to utilize your thinking abilities and get out of situations. You need to start working in those regular prison jobs and progress with your escape. Take a look also at Epic Little War Game Apk.

Right strategy

The entire act of escaping requires you to plan things in a cunning manner. You need to carry the right kind of equipment that helps you to stay ahead of what the guards are thinking. You have to bribe as well as fight through different prison ranks to secure your goal.

If you find that you like certain fellow prisoners, you can always recruit them and create a gang of your own. The Escapists even allow you to take over a prison altogether. Arknights Mod Android may be the best mod to try at the moment. You need to keep yourself above all suspicions by attending the roll calls regularly. You also need to stash away the stolen contrabands carefully.

Some features

The game itself is quite addictive in nature. Everything has been simulated here like a prison and you can even steal different items such as forks to start digging your tunnel. There are different levels of prisons present in the game.

You can escape from minimum security prisons as well as high-security ones such as the Alcatraz. The Escapists, allow you to steal as well as trade different items and make your escape. You also need to skillfully go past the different detectors on the lookout for the stolen goods.

The Escapists: Surviving For a Period of Time after Committing a Crime.

Have A Good Time Playing The Escapists game on Android!


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