Simulation android games are really taking over the entire gaming world. They are considered to be the most expansive and popular gaming genres. The popularity is mainly due to their easy usage, funny engagement, etc. These games can even sustain for many years. These games are also self-explanatory. One needs to push things up in certain directions in order to play the game.

Things get automatically build-up and happen according to the inbuilt program of the application. The main idea behind these simulation android games is to create real-life problems. The game focuses on emulating these problems and relates to the player’s activities. This is done as closely as possible. You may also come across several games with combined genres. They are great for enjoying the varying gaming experience.

Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your time and even want to spend some bucks on the premium versions of games, then wait! Here are some of the best simulation android games of the decade. We are assured that you’ll enjoy playing each one of them. They are Tropico, Rebel Inc, Pocket City, Godus, Fallout Shelter, etc.