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The number of gear you have in respect of taking some of the well-shot frames on your camera makes you identifiable as a good photographer. Well, this is not practicing what it looks like.

You can download PICTAIL Limited Edition APK for free from our website.

It doesn’t matter what gear you have. The help of some extra features in the provided gear can help you in becoming the next photographer. This is what keeping in the mind of the various smartphone companies in the market They unleashed a smaller beast.

The next-gen smartphones which we hold in hand in recent times are capable of doing much more than they actually can. PICTAIL Retro is one of the applications which every photography enthusiast must have installed on their mobile phones.

About PICTAIL Limited Edition Android

What is PICTAIL Limited Edition?

PICTAIL Limited Edition APK is a simple smartphone-based photo. Also, a video editing platform. It provides all the various settings. Settings become essential for editing photos and videos in a more dynamic manner.

The tools are pretty basic in nature. The user can easily regulate and manipulate the exposure, shadows, and other activities in the photo with the help of the various tools.

The user of the PICTAIL Retro app can also use the various filters. They are already set in, pre-built. So they can provide their photos with a unique look, always better than the others.

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Choose from a wide range of presets to give your footage a unique look

With the help of various other similar apps like PICTAIL Limited Edition, the users are able to create one after the other, masterpieces in their truest form. The user can choose from a range of presets and color-correcting the photos and the videos in a more professional manner. It helps them get published on to the online medium. With the help of which various mobile photography artists are getting known in the market.

Colour grade your photos and videos, now made easy

With the help of the various color gradient algorithms built-in, the application provides the best suitability and dynamic ability to create, transform and edit the various images and moving pictures simultaneously.

The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. PICTAIL Retro offers various vintage-looking color look-up tables. It just makes the images and videos look really old. The effects are so life-like that one can always mistake the photos to be really that old.

With the help of some of the best tools, it also helps in shooting and capturing videos and photos as well.

Other features and permissions for the application

It seeks for some of the basic permissions like for the usage of camera, microphone, location, and gallery permits. This kind of software provides the users with a full HD video output and also other modes of recording movie. It provides a full megapixel count aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9. The camera mode from the PICTAIL Limited Edition Android is a monster.

Get the best of PICTAIL Retro today on your mobile phone

With the help of PICTAIL Retro, many have claimed to have taken professional DSLR-like photos of their budget phones. The app has the algorithm of PICTAIL Limited Edition very well. This kind of application is really going to make shooting as well as editing the footage just as fun as it was always before. So what are you waiting for? Get this application for your device today!

Get professional-quality photos and videos right off your smartphone. Start using PICTAIL Limited Edition!

Have A Good Time Using it on Android!

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