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Channel Your Inner Tiger Woods With New Golfing Game Alva Majo. You can download Golfing Over It APK game for free from our website.

About the game

In talking about Golfing over It with Alva Majo one should keep in mind that the game appears boring but it’s unique. It is an innovative one as you (the player who plays the game) have to climb your way to the top of a dreamlike mountain.

You will feel you have entered a fantasy world where most of the time everything goes beyond your control. To be more precise, you will have to hammer the ball with your mouse click many times to move it upwards. At first, you will think it’s easy but actually, it is not. You may also like Five Nights at Pizzeria.

The Game is totally Different from Golf

Golfing over It APK is much different from the game what we call normal Golf game. Normal Golf is associated with hitting the golf balls so that they fall into a series of holes. The game is most of the time set in the sports field. Here the setting is what we call “It’s different.”

The mountain onto which you have to lift the golf ball is created in such a way that it involves steps. The mountain has ruggedness and as it goes upwards you will face different but entertaining obstacles on your way. One can have a question as to why Alva Majo has designed such a game. It is very hard to climb a rugged mountain in reality.

In the game, you have to strike the ball thereby watching each step so that it can make its way. If you are lucky, you will win. After all, the way through which you have to proceed is not smooth.  From the point you start, the golf ball will get into the cracks or gaps in between the rocks. This is because of the placement of the rocks. You can also try the best Zombie Gunship MOD.

How to Play the Game without Getting Bored

Don’t get disappointed and continue Golfing Over It Android. You will want to quit only to get relief from the boredom of going upwards. But the struggler inside you will disagree with you and you will not want to lose spirit. But, you will actually prepare yourself for a great fall as you climb upwards. But the game has a positive side.

You can stop play after your progression to a certain altitude.  Suppose, you see that hopping the ball more upwards will result in a great fall. Then you are free to stop your play. Automatically your progress will be stored and saved. But the loss is that you will not able to proceed further.

Golfing Over It is designed as a diverse take on “Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy.” It was released in 2017. Bennet Foddy is an Australia based designer. In his game, you have to climb a mountain in course of which you have to drag yourself with a hammer. But in that game, you have big chances of falling as well as losing points that you earn.

Have A Good Time Playing Golfing Over It on Android!


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