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The Oddworld New N Tasty Perfectly Sums Up the Journey of Abe in His Quest to Save Mudokons.

No matter what revolution occurs in the gaming industry, action games will never go out of style. The number of quality action games released over the last decade substantiates the claims.

You can download the Oddworld New n Tasty APK game for free from our website.

These action games are not only restricted to the Windows platform. Instead, a large number of quality action games are available for Android and iOS devices as well. A certain fantasy is evident in a gamer’s mind when we talk about good action games.

An action game with quality graphics and music is a treat for any gamer. The game in question is Oddworld New n Tasty ticks all of the criteria mentioned above

About the game

The original, paid version, the game developed by Oddworld is in contention to become the game of the year. It has high stakes of winning it. The game sets in a very eerie environment where the protagonist named Abe needs to save Mudokons. The nemesis of Abe named Molluck the Glukkon plans to kill Abe and all Mudokons to save the dying meatpacking empire of Mullocks. The job of Abe is to protect his fellow Mudokons and get of Molluck.

The game has got all the ingredients to be regarded as the best in business. The graphics quality and the user interface are of top-notch quality. The system requirement for this particular game Oddworld New n Tasty is on the higher side of the scale. This may be a source of disappointment for many gamers with standard devices.

The storyline of Oddworld New n Tasty

The storyline of Oddworld New n Tasty is quite simple. Abe gets chosen by the mudokon who was initially a first-class floor waxer into the life of adventure. The game revolves around the protagonist and his quest in protecting thousands of mudokon and surviving the wrath of mullocks. The difficulty level of the game is constant in most of the missions. But, some levels can get challenging and may require serious zeal on the user’s side to overcome.

The graphics are quite good in comparison to other games that are available in the Play store which is justifiable as the system requirement is more than average in contrast to others. When we talk about action games, we sketch an image in our mind regarding the surroundings of the game depending on the storyline. The developers of Oddworld New n Tasty APK understood that and designed the surroundings at par with the storyline.

The dedication level at Oddworld Inhabitants Inc

The latest updates for Oddworld New n Tasty released fixed several of the issues that the users had regarding the previous versions. The lighting in some scenes was inappropriate making it very hard to play. The new updates fixed the problem and several other bugs and audio imbalances.

The game contains a moderate amount of violence making it unsuitable for children less than twelve years of age. The game is readily available at the Google Play Store for a few bucks. The game contains some in-game purchases. But, one can efficiently complete the entire gaming without making any purchase from the in-game store by spending money.  The game requires network connectivity to run smoothly. Try playing our latest Zombie Gunship Mod Apk.

Have A Good Time Playing Oddworld New N Tasty on Android!


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