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Play the modernization of the classic Pac-Man with PAC-MAN GEO MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/ Points). Download it for Free from our website and have fun playing it/

PAC-MAN GEO Mod Apk Information:

Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins
Unlimited Points

 About the game

Are you a fan of the classic Pac-man games? Are you looking for an official mobile version of this game but with a modern touch? Then PAC-MAN GEO is the answer you’re looking for. So read this article to know about this game.


With 2020 being the 40th anniversary of the very popular Pac-man which was released in 1980, Bandai Namco Entertainment has decided to release PAC-MAN GEO – a game that not only recalls the classical gameplay of the original Pac-man but also adds real-time gaming mechanics to attract the next generation of the gaming community. What made the original game successful was its simple but exciting gameplay that would make people play for hours to achieve a higher score. Get Infinite Money with DEAD TRIGGER 2 Android MOD.

Being a highly anticipated game since its announcement, this latest android version successor of Pac-man lets players take the maze arcade game into the real world. Synchronizing with maps this game transforms a geographic location into the playing field along with all the details, roads, and important structures.

So now a gamer can play his or her Pac-man challenge in any part of the globe as long as a Google Map of that location is available. Download PAC-MAN GEO mod apk from our website and get Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Points resources on your game account.


Bandai Namco has managed to retain the classical gameplay for PAC-MAN GEO MOD apk besides using modern gameplay to suit the current scenarios. Pac-man’s brilliance lies in its gaming system where the gamers control Pac-man through maze fields. The main objective of the game is to consume all the dots while avoiding the ghosts chasing the player’s character. The next level is unlocked as soon as all the dots are eaten up. Do you like the MARVEl world? You can now download the MARVEL Realm of Champions mod apk.

Getting caught by a ghost costs life and the challenge ends as soon as all the lives get exhausted. What makes this simple run and chase game more fun are the energizers and bonus points that will help the player to achieve a higher score. The new game features awesome graphics and animations to match the vibe of the 2020s. The interface is simple and is guaranteed to provide a good gaming time.

Game Features

PAC-MAN GEO mod apk promises a whole new level of awesomeness with the greatest feature that has ever been used in any Pac-man game. The players can now use the Google Map data of their locality to turn his or her neighborhood into a maze world for playing. And it gets better with the fact that gamers can also tune into any part of the globe for enjoying this game with the geographical details of that place.

With thousands of locations to explore, the game also features the important landmarks of the selected area. Players can also create new stages for themselves. It also provides a basic introduction to all the famous places where a game is being conducted.  Other than high scores, a player can also collect landmarks through this unique real-world gameplay. So being a virtual globe-trotter is now easy through this latest interactive installment of the Pac-man series.

So hurry up download and install it now on your Android device to not miss out on a single moment of this cool game.


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