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You must have played a lot of action games. But the game The Sun Origin is something to look out for. You can download the game for free from our website.

This is not only an out-and-out action-packed game but also it will take you to the future. This game is available in the play store and will ensure that your time is worth it.

About the game

The year 2050 witnessed something unnatural. The sun went on to release a sudden destructive flow of energy into space that would strictly take our planet to devastation. The scientists made prior predictions but were heard little by the leaders of the world. They ignored it completely. Star Wars Battlefront 2 is also a game you should try playing.

When this devastating flow of energy hits the earth, a squall of radioactive elements covered the outer atmospheric layer of the earth to form smog that is very harmful to the living creatures on earth and if inhaled in a good quantity can surely cause cancer. The smog killed innumerous amount of people mercilessly. Those who took the warnings of the scientists seriously beforehand and took protection in left-out bunkers were only the ones alive and saved from this destruction.

In due course of time, these people taking shelter in bunkers used up the resources they had with them. Without having any options left with them they had to move out of their shelters. They came out to see a totally new world of disorder and melancholy. The land had no rules and regulations; it only knew the language of violence and guns. There was still some freshwater left that could be consumed, some good land that could be cultivated, but they were owned by cruel owners and were guarded by their merciless soldiers.

To rescue the people from this cruelty a savior named Raven appeared. He was a fighter who saved the people by helping them to consume freshwater and cultivate the land for food. In no time he became their leader.

It is you who will feature as Raven in The Sun Origin and do the task of saving people from the cruelty.

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The Alluring Features of the Game

  • You get to travel through the cruel land and explore it through your own eyes. The top-quality graphics will surely keep you engrossed throughout.
  • There will be an insufficient supply of food, medicines, and You have to manage them sustainably for proper usage.

The land has got cruel humans, hounds affected with rabies, evil spirits, and murderers. You will have to face all these risks and save yourself and your people

Flawless Gameplay

The Sun Origin Android has got HD graphics and high-quality sound that will ensure you get a live experience of the land while exploring it. The controllers are flawless and you can play the game effortlessly. It is a high-level action game and with the improved features, you are sure to have a good time playing it.

It is priced as low as a few dollars which is too little for a mind-blowing game like The Sun Origin. So go and get the game and experience the high-level action. Better download it below for free, no cost! Enjoy the game!

Have A Good Time Playing The Sun Origin on Android!


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