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If you are looking for a game where you can slide, run, jump, bash the doors, bash the vault, run on the walls and do everything that will help you to get the unique and parkour experience then this is the perfect game for you

You can download the Time Crash APK game for free from our website.

About the game

Time Crash is basically a three-dimensional game where you will be playing from the perspective of the first-person runner and here your job will be to play the role of the powerful agent. You will be having a simple goal of not allowing the enemies to break your time. The time will be fixed and your task will be to save the city within that time. You should also play Zombie Gunship, as it has very nice gameplay.


When the game starts the player will be a powerful agent and he needs to destroy all the enemies for saving the city. The best part of this game is it is three-dimensional and it will keep you engaged in its realistic visuals and sound. One needs to be very much careful because in the process of running and jumping quickly the player will be encountering a lot of enemies that they will have to destroy the moment they see them.

So your tasks will be to unlock all the powers of time bending and then opt for the quantum fractures at the insane speed. All the enemies will try to attack for stopping you from saving the city. So in the entire game, you will have to save the city and you will be placed in an engaging story mode that will be hand-crafted with animated cutscenes and you will be playing new levels on an everyday basis. So keep running and challenge your friends to make the game more interesting.

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Game Features

  • The gameplay of this game is quite intuitive.
  • You will be introduced to several mechanics of time-bending.
  • You will be getting some surprising sequences of combat.
  • In the story mode, you will be getting 15 levels that will be handcrafted.
  • You will be encountering new levels which are very unique, so play it on an everyday basis.
  • The game features everything in 3D mode, which makes the entire concept much more interesting.
  • After you accomplish every level you will be unlocking new outfits.
  • It comes with a soundtrack of EDM.

The entire game will be featuring dangerous obstacles so you will need to be focused and have sharp attention for spotting the enemies. You will have to perform several skills like vaulting over fences, sliding under the desk, dashing between the skyscrapers, jumping on the small constructions, running on the big billboards, etc. All the steps mentioned above are quite simple but you will have to keep the timings in mind.

You don’t need to visit Google play for downloading this application by paying the amount for unlocking it. You can do it for free on our website, below. This game is also compatible with all the devices. Make sure you are going through the gameplay and all the minor rules to play the game efficiently.

Crash the enemies with the Time Crash game!

Have A Good Time Playing it on Android!


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    thank you very much!

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