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MOD Features: Unlimited Star Coins and Unlimited Pixel Sunglasses.
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Astracraft MOD APK (Unlimited Star Coins) is the best game for you if you love battlebots, drones, robots, and mechs. Download it for Free from our website and enjoy playing it.

Astracraft Mod Apk Information:

App nameAstracraft
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Star Coins & Unlimited Pixel Sunglasses. Infinite Super Room Cards, Infinite Sources stones & Infinite Koi Blasters

About the game

The game will help you in exploring your creativity to build some awesome was machines. NetEase has developed this game. It is a unique real-time multi-player game, which features multiple game modes. The game is all about building the war machines from the scratch and modify them according to the situations throughout the match.

You are welcome to the world of Astracraft. You will build your ARMS and a team to conquer the world. In this game, there is no limit when it comes to the battle of creativity. Also, get Unlimited Robux by downloading our Roblox MOD APK.


Astracraft is a game, which revolves around building war machines with a variety of modules. You will rarely see two mechs alike. Also, the game features multiple modes, which will help you in collecting different modules. These modules will help players to combine their creativity, wetness, and speed to build their mechs.

The game will start with a small machine. It depends on your creative mind how it will build that tiny machine into an ultimate battle bot. You have to use the maximum number of resources to develop the best strategy possible. There are parts that you have to collect and use in your mechs to make them more powerful. Get Unlimited Star Coins with Astracraft mod apk.

Components like wheels, legs, rocket modules, body pieces, shield modules, laser modules, Drone dispatching modules, dun modules, melee weapons, and many more will help you in building your mech.

This game has unique gameplay, which depends on the game mode you have enter. Most of the modes involve you against online players. You will enter the match as a single bot and you have to build an ultimate war machine during the match.

You have to adjust the bot according to your enemies and environment to take the best advantage of the situation. However, this is not all about it. You have to come up with strategies to win the matches.

You will experience the epic sci-fi battles with smokes bomb, holographic decoy, EMP generators, and devilish war techs. The game also features a realistic physics engine. You have come up with the strategies and strike your enemies when they are least expecting.

You can also invite your friends and fight to conquer the world. You can share your modules with your teammates and utilize the resources better. Use the best weapon combos to win the games with bravery and wit. Download Astracraft MOD APK below.

Game Features

Astracraft is a highly engaging game, which provides you with the best features.

  • Creative modes to experiment.
  • You can build your mech and practice battling against other players.
  • With creative mode, you can use your imagination.
  • You can also play solo.
  • You can build and test your ARMS in peace.
  • Everyone has their creativity; hence, there are no builds alike.


Conquer the universe with Astracraft MOD APK! With different game mores, you can play as your heart desires. The game is highly engaging and can be played by anyone above the age of three. You can download the Astracraft game from Google Play.


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