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Is D&D Lords Of Waterdeep The Best Strategy Game On Mobile?

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About D&D Lords of Waterdeep Android

The D&D Lords of Waterdeep APK game actually existed in the form of a board game initially. However, it has also seen the release of a mobile version for both Android as well as iOS systems. The game is set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe and was very well received by the community. The board game itself is a fantastic iteration of this famous franchise and if you are a fan, there is no reason to skip out on it. For unlimited coins resources, try out Bingo Blitz MOD APK.

But how well do the mobile versions do is the main question. After all, translating a board game to mobile architecture can be a tricky task. So how well does this game do it? Let’s find out.

The Setup

The basic layout of the board is done really well. There are several spaces available on the game where you can get different goods from or just perform some other actions. This goes in line with how the actual board game works and is really intuitive, to begin with. Anyone familiar with the actual game will have no problem settling in with this mobile version.

The pieces that you would place on the board are also there in the form of virtual items that you can select and/or drag to the board. In that regard, the D&D Lords of Waterdeep APK is very intuitive as well. In fact, some of the mistakes that you may have made when playing the actual board game will not occur here because invalid moves are not allowed to be proceeded with at all.


D&D Lords of Waterdeep on the Android is faithful to the actual rules. The spaces that were mentioned above can be occupied by workers or as they are called in this game, by ‘agents’. Obviously, an already occupied spot cannot be taken by another piece, which is why you need to think a lot about the order of your actions as well.

There are also options for performing some special actions along with other items like quest cards. These quests are basically completed by placing said units on different places on the board and scoring points. Doing so allows you to use the Heroes in the game which is more powerful than standard units. There are also Lords who give you bonus points as the game progresses further on. As you can see so far, D&D Lords of Waterdeep Android is pretty much a traditional board game that follows simple rules.

What It Does Better

The best part about bringing a board game to mobile is the various quality-of-life improvements that you can make. For instance, the summary for your quests and the points that you have scored so far are all shown on a nice table that you can drag up and down from the screen at will.

Also, you can play the D&D Lords of Waterdeep game online with other friends by sitting at home. The multiplayer aspect of this game has been achieved flawlessly and you can challenge any of your friends at any time. It is a ton of fun and overall, if you are a fan of the franchise, you should definitely check it out. Even if you are not, give it a try. It will be fun.

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Have A Good Time Playing D&D Lords of Waterdeep on Android!


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