Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition

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Check Out the Gameplay and Graphics Options of New Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition.

You can download Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition APK game for free from our website.

Tablets users can have the best gaming experience with the Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition game. According to reviewers the enhanced edition of the game is a marvelous, great atmosphere, its attractiveness embellishes the update.

This masterpiece though looks old but can still stand tall and will continue to age gracefully in tablets or phones. It’s a classic timeless game that has become more appropriate with the updated edition.

About the game

Released in the year of 1999, the original game of Planescape Torment gained critical acclaim globally. From various outlets, this game was nominated as the year’s role-playing game for its amazing soundtrack, characters, and unconventional story of the game.

Since then, the huge fans of Planescape Torrent have started exploring and enjoying the menacing and strange town of Sigil and its surrounding plane.

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With the classic RPG of 50+ hours, anyone can discover a spectacular story, a unique plot contrary to nothing of the fantasy world. There are a lot of adventures waits for players’ surprise from defeating uncanny alien creatures to exploring the dangerous and dark world, with engaging profuse dialogues. It’s a game that no one has ever witnessed.

Features of Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition

  1. Planescape’s Lead Designer Chris Avellone together in partnership with Beamdog will organize gameplay updates, bug fixing and will intensify the best gaming experience from the aspect of his vision towards the game for the users.
  2. The background of Planescape Torment is filled with bizarre adversaries, strange magic, and various dragons and dungeons located from the various parts of the multiverse.
  3. While walking over the planes anyone will come across rat hiveminds, philosophic undead, and personable items with a weird troop of allies ever encountered in any RPG.
  4. In the beginning, anyone can create their character. The one without any name can change alignment, class and can even receive new abilities depending on the choices.
  5. The soundtrack of the Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition Apk game has been remastered into the game to bring more perceptive and depth to the multiverse and the Sigil.
  6. The new version allows the user to play in their own way; it allows the player to enable or turn off or the features of the enhanced edition to have the experience of its original beauty.
  7. The same feel of Planescape has doubled with the new interface of Tablet. Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition Apk has been designed especially targeting Tablet users, with easy touch screen close and open side menus, handy buttons of conversations for selecting dialogue
  8. The new enhanced edition contains modern features which include area zooming, quick loot, tab highlighting, combat log, and many more!
  9. This new version is available in languages like German, Polish, Korean, French, and English. An important note to add is that Korean translations are only available in texts while the voice-overs are provided in English.

It does not support devices having Chrome OS. The game is all about exploring planes, surviving combat along with a large troop of unique partners, and solving genres most ever seen as a baffling puzzle.


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