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In recent times, one thing that has changed immensely is the gaming industry. It has grown by leaps and bounds, marking success all along. A very popular choice in mobile games in the last few years has been building games. The choice of building your own battlefield, your troop and fight off the dark lords, has been enthralling people for a long time now. There are multiple games to choose from, each offering something exciting with new features and gameplay.

Introducing a new game Evil Hunter Tycoon (MOD Unlimited Coins and Gems), the Super Planet game developers are ready to bask in another successful game with millions of pre-registrations. The game not only brings you the choice to build your own town, but you are involved in tasks to train soldiers and prepare them for the battlefield, making the game much more interesting and popular amongst a variety of enthusiasts.

Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod Apk Information:

App nameEvil Hunter Tycoon
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins, Unlimited Gems

Evil Hunter Tycoon: Build, Prepare and fight

Bringing you another smashing hit, The Super Planet brings to you a game that is not only fun but lets you truly enjoy the experience of gaming without getting you over consumed. The pleasure of enjoying a nice battle during work breaks and metro rides gives this game an upper hand and attracts enthusiasts to choose this as their stress buster.

The game is set in a time period when peaceful living is destroyed by the dark lords. When the dark lords, the ones in power brought destruction to the peaceful world and knocked down almost everything, it is time for the survivors to fight back and the game begins with the desperate attempt at survival of all those who are left to begin again.

The major two missions that the players need to focus on are rebuilding their destroyed town right from the scratch for the soldiers and raising them to protect the town and the second mission is to raise a strong line of hunters to fight the monsters threatening their lives. Let’s have a look at the amazing gameplay and features the game provides you with.

  • Get a chance to become the chief of your own small town

The survivors from the mass destruction of dark lords built the last existing town for the hunters. Now with you gaining the power of the Town chief, you are handed over the responsibilities of rebuilding the town and managing it in every aspect.

Get a chance to handle everything, starting from the basics with the construction of the town to handling sales and crafts, building pubs, restaurants, taverns, infirmaries, weapons shops, and inns, along with training the hunters so they stay strong enough to fight the monsters. The purpose is to build places where the hunters can stay and use.

  • Gather as much top tank as you can and help protect the town

As you progress in the game, hunters who visit the town are divided into four different classes. Hunters with different abilities, class, and personalities can be expelled or hired at your will. As you spend in buying materials that the hunter gain from monsters, the quality of the monster depends directly on the standard of the product you craft. The tier and classes the hunters hold are randomly selected. You can invite other hunters of the top tier with items but the characteristics the hunters hold are also random, bringing a fun turn to the game.

  • Stronger the Hunters much better growth of a strong town

You are given the complete power to use the facilities of the town to raise a strong line of hunters. It is important to maintain the wealth of the town, for which you need to craft more expensive items and by selling those to the Hunters, you can maintain good wealth for your town and invest more in it.

To gain strength, Hunters can learn new abilities, secret techniques, and traits at the Academy. At the ‘Blacksmith’ you get a chance to create and keep enhancing powerful equipment. The hunters get to reincarnate and get more powerful.

  • The enhancement of forge and training grounds

Forge and modify the equipment of hunters and get a chance to level up quickly by training them to become more strong and special. Level up sooner by working with dedicatedly at training grounds and keep growing infinitely by endless reincarnation.

A game for all those who love challenges:

It is not only the town-building, managing, and fighting the monster that keeps the players engrossed. You can enjoy various other advanced functions like Boss raid, PvPcolosseum, and dungeons. Travel to the unexplored dungeons and earn rare materials and treasurers that you have never seen before, to increase the wealth of the town.

You can challenge hunters of other towns at ‘colosseum’ and aim to reach the top of the charts. Reach higher levels and try blowing ‘horn’ and summon the boss. The game also provides you with the opportunity to acquire marvelous rewards and wealth once you are successful in dethroning the boss.


Available in almost 13 languages including English, Russian, Japanese etcetera and provided with services in about 140 countries, the Evil Hunter Tycoon is all set to gain its global acclamation. It is an RPG simulation game that offers a unique style of play and numerous different contents of the game, it is all set to take you deeper and keep you engrossed with its amazing gameplay.

The retro pixel graphics and extremely easy to control and play in style feature of the Evil Hunter Tycoon makes it more friendly and accessible for a wider base of players. With the pre-registration open in many countries, you can win a chance to receive special gifts and bonus points that can help you perform better as a Town chief. The unlimited hunter invitations, gold, and gems along with bonus points along with the game, are a few of the many perks for all those opting for a pre-registration.

If you enjoy dark storylines along with cute pixel graphics, the Evil Hunter Tycoon is a perfect choice for you. If you haven’t yet, maybe it’s time to give it a try.


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