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Farm and click – idle farming clicker PRO is one of the most popular and best time killer android games all you need to do is just click and upload the game to enjoy the amazing gaming experience.

You can download Farm and Click – Idle Farming Clicker PRO APK game for free from our website.

This is an idle farming clicker game in which the gamer must harvest the crops, feed the animals, and upgrade the farming tools to produce better vegetables and fruits.

Basics of Farm and Click – Idle Farming Clicker PRO Android

The basic level in the game starts with the corn plant; at the beginning of the game, you will have only corn plant with you. All you need to do is just tap on the corn plants to collect all the coins, once you finish tapping 60 coins you will earn 60 coins and you must unlock the tomato plant.

By this way, you will increase your earnings on the first level. You must upgrade the production speed of the plant to increase your speed. Use the coins to purchase new plants and animals such as pigs, hens, fish, etc in the purchased animal and plant upgrading.

Gameplay and Upgrading

Upgrading is one of the main tasks in idle farming clicker games, which you can use to increase your earnings and production speed by upgrading the plants and animals.

Use the auto harvest option to harvest the crops automatically. You can use this option once you reach the minimum requirements of coins. You will notify with the notification when you reach the minimum level of coins in the game. Profit bump is used to increase the profit. From the beginning of the game, you must focus keenly to upgrade the plants.

Once you unlock 3 plants and pigs you must use the time travel jump feature in the game that costs 100 diamonds. Anyways you will be provided with 200 diamonds in default. Use this feature when you upgrade the pig level from 20 -30. This is an amazing feature and that will help you to speed up your earnings.

Now you must upgrade the level of hen and fish by using the time travel feature again in the game. now you must unlock more animals and plants, you have to buy the boxes. Loving the animals, try out Stray Dog Simulator APK.

How will you get a diamond or gem in the game?

You can use the seed magic, time travel, boxes, and many more by having a gem in your hand.

You must sell your crops in the market to increase your profit, purchase the seed magic. Gather each and every seed without discarding them while you sell the seeds in the market. This is one of the very good features in the game but must have 350 diamonds in your pocket. Get Unlimited Diamonds with Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager MOD.

Generously claim your everyday bonus, with the help of the bonus you can purchase new animals, plants, boxes, boosters, and many more things that are provided in the game.

All these things will help you to increase your profit. Complete the daily quest and you will get the free gem. Tap on the start button to see more available tasks.

Have a Good Time Playing Farm and Click – Idle Farming Clicker PRO APK


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