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You can download the Magazine Mogul APK game for free from our website.

So, the magazine business was always on your wish list, right? You were generally seen, flipping the pages of different magazines and thinking of a time, to start your own. The time is near.  Take charge of the power of the pen.

Or, should I say the power of the computer keyboard or a typewriter.

About Magazine Mogul Android

Magazine Mogul – Story

It is a different version of Kairosoft’s Game Dev Story. Game Dev story was Kairosoft’s first mobile game. You got to run a gaming company in this version of the game. Now, it is time to be different. So, you get the opportunity to start and run your own magazine.

In the various modes, you get to use our writing, design, interest, and typos.  Many other factors make an article successful.

There are a number of prerequisites to create in Magazine Mogul APK, a great magazine- you needed to be well-informed about the market, checking the popularity of an article and the techniques as well.

The photography used for the magazine is also an important deciding factor. You also need to take care of the fan base. You need to know your customer. In the advanced levels of the game, you get to advise the city’s council on investment in your business, where you also advise about the pros and cons.

Other aspects, involve training the staff, ideating new themes and writing techniques, and many more.

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Big Event Magazine Mogul

The biggest event in the game is that you get to become the council of the city. The text tutorial for the game is very informative and you can look into it, at any point in time.

Graphics and Quality

The game is very Kairosoft style and has sprites and settings and there is a lack of resolution on larger screens. There are a few bugs and glitches as well. Xperia Z1 is known to crash at some point. You get an annual award ceremony, inside the game.

You can win prizes for best writing, photography, and designs. Pumpkin products are used to purchase items, like changing your employee’s job role, replenishing their energy. There are some soft tunes, which are less annoying.

The game ends in the 20th year. After, which it gets repetitive?  However, you can carry on playing the game to kill time. There is not much excitement left in the end. It does get boring.

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Magazine Mogul APK game has been rated well so far. This game is being downloaded and played since 2014. This game has been branded as a cute game. Many customers have purchased the game, many numbers of times.

The game is very relaxing, some of you might say. Some of you are updated about these types of simulation games and are looking forward to more from Kairosoft. They are also coming up with gyms, restaurants, hospitals, movie stars, clinics, and others of their variety as well.

The game is easy to install and play. There are no advertisements to bother you. Loud music that distracts you is absent. So, it is a great game for the new millennium

Magazine Mogul – Time to Take Charge of Your Magazine.

Have A Good Time Playing Magazine Mogul game on Android!


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