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MOD Features: Unlimited DNA Points, Unlock Everything
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What if you were told that you can enjoy a game to the fullest and that too with quite unique features? Well, you surely wouldn’t want to miss such a game out. These games are quite less in number and can help you in enjoying your time to the best. If you are looking for one such game then Plague Inc (MOD Unlimited DNA Points). It must be your first choice.

Plague Inc Mod Apk Information:

App namePlague Inc
Mod FeaturesUnlimited DNA Points, Unlock Everything

It is a highly-rated game that has gained recognition worldwide. It is a quite simple game in which you are supposed to infect the whole world by spreading a Plague around the world. As interesting as it sounds, you are supposed to do your best in order to finish the mankind.

The gameplay of Plague Inc

It is a quite interesting game built on a quite unique concept. It is you against the world and hence you must make sure that you give your best while playing this one. It is easy to play and you surely will have fun playing it. There will be many unique challenges that you may have to face in order to reach the top. You are supposed to build the deadliest Plague you can in order to defeat the humans.

It is important to play the game with a strategy or you may find it a little difficult to win. You can even connect your friends to the game. With a leaderboard available, you can compare your scores with your friends. Compete with them to reach the top of the leaderboard. It is updated from time to time to offer the players a great experience.

Features not to miss out on

Plague Inc. It comes with some amazing features which can help you in making your gaming experience much better. Do go through them to know better about the game.

HD Graphics

The game comes with HD graphics which give you one of a kind gaming experience. Its highly polished interface offers great gaming experience which you may not want to get rid of. Detailed attention is paid to the graphics so that you can enjoy it. They are hyper-realistic and you’ll find the quality quite great too. It even comes with advanced AI.

Customization available

The game comes with 12 radically different diseases which you can use to spread and infect the people. These can be mastered by using them a lot. Being new to the game is not trouble because detailed tutorials are offered in the game which can help you out in knowing the game a little better. After the tutorial, you will definitely get detailed knowledge about it.

Save the Game for future use

The game is auto-saved after every use so that you can continue from the same level whenever you come back. The progress is saved after every use and you need not worry about losing it.

Long Game

It is not a game that you can finish within days of playing. The game has over 50 countries that you can infect with a number of diseases available. There are many world events to adapt to which you can go through. And in case you face any kind of problem while playing, you can simply contact them and your problem will be resolved within the minimum time possible.

High Ratings

Plague Inc has received high ratings from around the world. With simple controls, even someone who has difficulty in playing can enjoy the game easily. The gameplay is quite easy to understand and with detailed instructions, you’ll find the game even easier to play.

Scoreboards and Achievements

There is a scoreboard available in the game which compares the scores of various people. You can connect with different people and friends with whom you can compare your scores. Get to the top of the leader board to unlock new achievements. These can also act as a motivation for you to play the game for longer hours.

Some additional Features

Plague Inc. It can be enjoyed playing in many different languages so need not worry as language isn’t a bar which can affect your playing. Regardless of the country you are from, need not worry because many new languages may come up in the new updates. With real-life scenarios available, you can enjoy the game to the best.

Plague Inc for sure offers one of the best gaming experiences. With over 50 million downloads, this game is quite popular. It has also received a 4-star rating from over 5 million reviews. When the numbers are so high, you can definitely go with the majority and install the game as soon as possible.

It might be a little surprising but the game has also been featured in top-rated newspapers like The Guardian, New York Post, The Economist and many more! It has even won many awards which have given it even more recognition worldwide. It has made space in many hearts and was even chosen as the editor’s choice by Google Play Store.

It even comes with many kinds of literature themed references which you will enjoy a lot while playing. It comes with some additional features which you can get by using the features of the in-app purchase. The amount per feature varies and can be bought according to your wish. These will definitely help you out in reaching the top quite faster.


With so many high ratings and amazing features, this game is undoubtedly a must-try. It is recommended for all those above the age of 7. You will definitely enjoy the game a lot regardless of your age. Many new scenarios keep coming up in the game which keeps the game interesting. It won’t make you feel bored at all for sure. So trust us and install the game to make your leisure interesting. This game can even be enjoyed with the family. With unlimited fun, do go for it and thank us later!

Enjoy your time with Plague Inc!


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