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Try This Thrilling Game of SIMULACRA – Found Phone Horror Mystery

If you are really obsessed with thrillers and experiencing a bit of horror, then playing SIMULACRA Android would definitely give you an immense rate of satisfaction.

You can download the SIMULACRA APK game for free from our website.

This game gives the player a realistic spooked-up experience where the game plot is all about exploring a missing women’s phone. Well, this app gives the players a heightened rate of heartbeats, with a marked increase of adrenalin pumping in as the game proceeds and the plot, gets clearer.

About SIMULACRA Android

SIMULACRA has an interesting storyline which is about a lost phone of a woman named Anna. The game then goes in a direction where the phone is the only means to reach out to the missing girl. The phone contains the girl’s texts, her mails, and her images. These prove useful as fragments of information as the mystery goes on increasing. The game is so well structured that it depends on the player how well he/she can connect the dots and solve the mystery. Wanna play with heavy construction machines? Download Construction Simulator 2014 Apk.

The plot eventually turns interesting with the horror intensifying with the plot building up. The plot entirely revolves around the phone. It proves as the only source of information to reach out to the missing woman, Anna. The player needs to put the bits together to solve the horror mystery.

Game Features

  • SIMULACRA APK is a horror mobile game with an amazing structure storyline.
  • The game has excellent graphics content with immensely horrifying visuals.
  • It has such a realistic sound effect that is meant to give goosebumps to the players.
  • The story is so built that the mystery lingers until the end of the game.
  • The game has an extensive narrative that leads to 5 possible endings.
  • The game is filmed using live actors.
  • This game ensures complete indulgence in the game due to its thrilling plot. Same simulation game category, try our My Pocket Galaxy.

Additional Features

  • The players can reach out to the subtitle option in the updated version of the game.
  • The app has optimized itself to run on Android devices.
  • The game achievements can now remain fixed.
  • Video syncing issues are now fixed.
  • The achievements can now be saved in the cloud.
  • This app comes under the few top paid apps.
  • SIMULACRA is the top-rated app that has received 4.9 stars( 4.7 for game-play, 4.7 for the graphics, 4.7 for the controls) all by genuine players and buyers of the app.
  • The game is suitable for children above 16 years of age.

About the app

  • Version: 1.0.48
  • Last updated on 22nd November 2018
  • Downloads to date:10,000+
  • Download size of the game: 235 MB
  • The original game paid version, offered by Kaigan games
  • Release date: 26th October 2017.

All in all SIMULACRAFound phone horror mystery is an amazing gaming app that is obvious to give goosebumps to the players and is sure to experience a heightened level of adrenalin. The game is sure to amaze its players with the thrilling storyline topped with its special effects.

Have A Good Time Playing SIMULACRA on Android!


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