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You can download the SPACEPLAN APK game for free from our website.

About SPACEPLAN Android

SPACEPLAN Apk is known as a clicker or an idle game. It is great fun to play this game and one of the surprisingly interesting Sci-fi games where there is a curious obsession with spuds. It needs to be played in clicks to be sure everything in the game is moving correctly, the best part is played by themselves.

It is a game where you are orbiting on a wired red color planet in a ship. And then moving forward you need to build up lots of technology and power. When you are bored and want to have some fun then this game is a good option where you can generate energy, throw potatoes, and have new things to find and play with. Another good game worth to be played is Construction Simulator 2014 Android Apk.

How to begin with this game?

Easily available on the play store and app store, this game SPACEPLAN Apk Android needs not much effort to play. In the beginning, to generate energy the clicks are not enough and you need more energy through clicks.

Once you get all the power accumulated then you can use it to build different devices such as solar panels, satellites, and other devices that help you in gathering energy automatically. And with the generation of energy through devices gives a rest to your fingers.  And the process continues the more you accumulate power the more you get various technology and thus energy.

Thus it doesn’t require you much to do but what to be built next is all based on your decision.

What is so unique?

The game is not like the other games and it gives good storytelling and a sense of humor. And the tales of SPACEPLAN Apk game start getting unfold it creates mysteries for you and the story gets dark surprisingly and makes you feel excited to play further.

Such games are unique as they don’t ask much from a player not like other rolling games to trouble your life to get in to fit in it which can delay and affect your other works. You need some time throughout the day and you can check and build some technologies or collect energy and until the next play get excited for the new adventures to see. Also, get for free Small Farm Plus Apk.

The features are great and the charming Sci-fi story gives you nice refreshment when you feel like having a break. The visuals and the sound again give a good feeling and make it one of the best idle games.

The Features of SPACEPLAN Game

The fabulous features of the game which attracts a player to play and explore are:

  • The sounds are like just a video-game background.
  • You got about 15 starchy items to get unlocked and create them throughout the game
  • Find the items and with amazing visuals blast them in the red space
  • The stories are silly enough to keep you entertaining and make your time to run fast if you are getting bored and need something interesting to do
  • You got to explore 5 different planets and those two in two different realities.
  • The narrations are loud and clear to play in this Sci-fi clicker game,

Let us get started to get charged with an energy you will generate with each click and have a little good time in this busy life.

Solve the Mystery of the Universe and Get SPACEPLAN Ready.

Have A Good Time Playing SPACEPLAN on Android!


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  1. johnny65 says:

    1st game apk and works good

  2. notyourfan says:

    at least it works fine

  3. boxofspiderss says:

    Thanks, WORKS GREAT !!!

  4. Carson says:

    THIS WORKS.Thnks

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