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The Stray Dog Simulator is multiplatform full version software that is categorized as a game.  It is also available for iPhone.

You can download Stray Dog Simulator APK game for free from our website.

The stray dog simulator is developed by the Gluten-Free Games. This game is available for users having the Android 4.3 operating system and Posterior versions. It is also available in various languages like English, German and Spanish.

About Stray Dog Simulator Android

You have to pick any of your favorite breeds of dog and live a stray dog’s life. You have to live and survive in a big city filled with feisty cats and dangerous dogs.

Like a stray dog you have to dig up the hidden bones, you have to build a dog pack for yourself and above all, you have to battle against Huskies, German Shepherds, and Labradors for your life. Download the game and enjoy it.

Here are the features that enhance the experience of playing this game as well as make it more attractive. Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager Mod Apk is a great choice too.

The features of Stray Dog Simulator

  • Practical simulator

The Stray Dog Simulator has a realistic simulator. While playing the game you have to maintain your health, thirst, hunger as well as your energy.  You have to experience the hardship and harsh life a wild street dog lives on the street.

  • Classic battles

In order to survive and defend your territory, you have to fight with your enemies by using your powerful bite. If you cause a lot of trouble then the city will call a dog catcher who will steal the dog from your pack.

  • Create your pack

While playing Stray Dog Simulator you have to recruit and dominate other dogs to your pack. Every pack you build will be unique as you have to add 5 additional dogs with 3 alternative colors and 9 breeds.

  • Choose any breed

Initially, you have to choose a breed. After that, you can switch to any breed of dog from your pack. You can also play with a different dog of your pack to level them up individually.

  • Level up the dogs

In Stray Dog Simulator Android game you can get experience by completing missions, eating food from the trash, and defeating dangerous enemies. It will help you in leveling up dogs of your pack by increasing their attack damage and health. It will also help you in increasing the size of your dog pack.

Dynamic day/night and weather circle

The Stray Dog Simulator has introduced a new procedural weather system with exceptional celestial movement, clouds, and storms. You will be able to experience the realistic feel of the storms that bring a downpour of rain, booms of thunder, and flashes of lightning. Idle Bear Market Mod Apk is the new way to get as rich as a billionaire.

Other key features

The above mentioned are just the highlight of the features you will find in the Stray Dog Simulator APK game. Other key features of the game include –

  • Massive 3D city environment.
  • Latest touch-based controls.
  • 9 distinctive breeds.
  • Survival guide for the stray dog.
  • HD graphics
  • Ad-free gaming experience.

If you like this game and want to experience the life of other animals then you can also opt for their different simulator games with different animals.

Experience the Struggle of Stray Dog with Stray Dog Simulator.


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