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When you are playing Ultimate Dragon Simulator, you can literally rain down fire upon everything below you.

You can download Ultimate Dragon Simulator APK game for free from our website. You get yourself in a battle that has raged on between humans, beasts, and other such monsters.

There are loads of mythological characters present in this game. You need to recruit these dragons and customize them accordingly to destroy different villages as well as mighty castles. There are quests for you where you collect different treasures.

The life of the in-game character is often at stake as you battle against creatures such as undead dragons.

About Ultimate Dragon Simulator Android

Great simulator

The game simulator present here is extremely realistic in nature. There is a lot of things that you need to maintain while you play the game. You have to often deal with health issues as well as quench thirst and hunger.

If this is not done, then your health declines rapidly in the Ultimate Dragon Simulator Android game. You rule over a whole kingdom as you ride on your dragon. If you’re keen on playing dragon games genre, you should also try Dragonvale Mod.

It goes without saying that you leave behind a trail of endless destruction as you simply scorch lands and trees with the embers. Not only can you destroy outposts or villages here but also whole kingdoms at one go.

Battle bosses

The skills you have to play the game will be greatly tested against different in-game bosses. There are five bosses in total whom you have to battle. You will find a serpent hiding within crystal clear waters of islands. Also, get the Farming Simulator 18 Apk for free to experience the farmer’s life.

A burning phoenix is said to rise from lava laced caverns of the island. Ultimate Dragon Simulator never disappoints you with the kind of content that it provides. There are lots of dangers that you battle out while playing this game.

Powers of dragons

As your level increases through the game, you get to choose different kinds of dragons. There are certain really unique elements that are present in the game, called powers, which can be further upgraded.

When you become a fire dragon, you can call in meteors of fire from the skies. The ice dragon has the ability to freeze off enemies in crystal-like prisons. If you like this simulator genre, try also Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager.

The whole enemy can become vapor when you become a really mighty storm dragon. The dragon in the Ultimate Dragon Simulator APK game is always hungry for more gold. There are different gems and pieces of jewelry along with the gold that the dragon loves to loot. Everything is piled up in the lair of the dragon.

Get more dragons

There are battles for supremacy by which you have to dominate other dragons and make them a part of your own group. When you have recruited these dragons, you will be able to customize and play as them in a family of predators.

Other than this, you can also breed baby dragons and help them to grow into bigger ones in Ultimate Dragon Simulator. You have to take care of these eggs a little and let them grow into menacing creatures.

The dragon is the heart of the game and you can customize it in different ways. You can change the colors; add horns or armors etc. to make it unique.

Ultimate Dragon Simulator: Unleash the Rage of the Dragon on Everything That Comes In Your Way.

Have A Good Time Playing Ultimate Dragon Simulator on Android!


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