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If you have always been fascinated by jungles and all the animals in them, then Ultimate Forest Simulator is the best thing for you.

You can download Ultimate Forest Simulator APK game for free from our website.

About Ultimate Forest Simulator Android

You can play this really adventurous and fun game as a cougar or a bear or even a rabbit. In this game, you can choose one among 10 animals and go on with the game. The bear is deadly, the cougar crafty and the rabbit always fast.

You can set out and hunt for food in different areas in the Rockies. There are lots of exciting animals that you can unlock as you experience the beauty and perils of a forest.

New features

There are some great features that have been incorporated in this game and all gamers are going to enjoy them. As you begin to rule over a forest, you will require maintaining the levels of your thirst, hunger, and of course overall health levels.

Other than the animals already mentioned above you can also become a bat, a deer, or even a turtle or a raccoon. Also, have a good time playing Train Simulator PRO 2018.

Imagine being able to play as a snake as well as a hawk. One moment you will be high above in the skies and the next sliding through glades and grasses. Ultimate Forest Simulator apk provides you with all types of adventures.

Battle the bosses

There are many thrilling battles that you can play with other animal bosses. These battles will surprise even experienced gamers. You may find some prehistoric tusked beast commanding over the freezing mountain tops and awaiting you. On the coasts, you will come across huge reptiles that have only been part of legends and folklores till now.

In Ultimate Forest Simulator, you need to live by the laws of the jungle and always dominate over other animals. You can always give a treat to other animals and make them a part of your pack. This, in turn, creates an all-powerful family.

Breed and customize

You will always have the opportunity to breed babies for yourself and they will grow to make your family more powerful. You also need to care for these young ones and can even carry them around and find food for them.

You will be playing like an animal at all points of time and therefore you can customize them as you wish to. You can also give names to your animals. Customizations can be brought about by their appearance, skills, and other such attributes. Everything in Ultimate Forest Simulator is done for making the pack more powerful. Download Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager to play this a great MOD.

Increase the levels

As you progress through the levels in Ultimate Forest Simulator, you will get the opportunity to increase the levels of your animals. Players gain experience by eating up their prey as well as escaping different predators.

The health of your animals can be increased and the damage they inflict in attacks can be made lethal with upgrades. Bonus traits can be got by the use of stat points. The different buff points are used for bringing about upgrades in the hissing and roaring sounds that the animal makes when it is active.

Ultimate Forest Simulator: Brace yourself for an amazing jungle adventure

All in all, if you like simulation games, then Ultimate Forest Simulator is the perfect solution for you, having all the wild animals from the forest in a single game. What are you waiting for? Click the button below, install the .apk file and start playing!

Have A Good Time Playing Ultimate Forest Simulator APK!


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