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Ever wanted to fox out stuff and be the sneaker amongst your pack, well Ultimate Fox Simulator offers gamers just that.

You can download Ultimate Fox Simulator APK game for free from our website.

This is going to be the first time ever that this gaming franchise is going to offer the player new multiple sets of playable characters within the game. Be a sleuth, explore the forest in search of food, raid villages for tasty berries and kill herbivores for fun.

About Ultimate Fox Simulator Android

New features and characters

Players will have to channelize the fox within themselves and be the ultimate sleuth and seeker of a character. They will have to maintain their health, hunger, thirst as well as energy and rule over other foxes of different territories. Get an opportunity to raise your won fox families.

Ultimate Fox Simulator APK game offers gamers to play in three different characters. Choose amongst your favorite fox species:

  • Arctic fox: beat the harsh wintery conditions that prevail in the stormy mountains.
  • Fennec fox: survive the extreme heat and on low quantities of food in warm deserts
  • Red fox: explore the dense forest and survive other deadly threats lurking in the darkness of forest cover

Test your expertise and win over five tough boss battles. Needless to say, the levels of hardness increase with every win. Legendary beasts await your presence in the deadly jungles and vast deserts. Gamers will have to give in their all to ultimately be victorious.

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Recruit new foxes in your pack

Build an invincible pack of foxes and go for the wild hunt. Raise cubs will utmost cure. The Cubs need protection from several attacks so place your covers smartly. Young cubs are victims of deadly predators while they for hunting in the forest along with their pack.

Mother foxes will have the option to carry the cubs in their mouth while they go hunting. The fox’s physiques have undergone a radical transformation. Their furs, facial expressions, and claws all seem to be pretty real, to say the least.

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New customizations and Dynamic Weather conditions

Ultimate Fox Simulator Android game offers new sets of customizable tools which allow gamers to change the appearance of the foxes. Players can change their pack names, skill moves, and several other attributes. With every successful hunt, fox’s health bar increases, and they grow resistant to damages. Level up your fox skills their speed, strength, and stats. Recruit new foxes in the pack and develop a stronger pack.

Dynamic weather conditions have added a fresh feel of hyper-realism within the gameplay. New sets of weather conditions such as rain, storms, windy, warm-cold, and humid will require the gamers to find adequate shelters for their foxes in order to survive.

The 3d graphics have improved considerably. The grasses, leaves, trees all feel realistic.  Explore the forest and vibrant farms and hunt down chickens, sheep, lambs, goats, sparrows, mice, rats, fishes, wolves, deer, boars, ibex, skunks, lizards, beetles, scorpions, crocodiles, rabbits, and many more.

Well hurry up and without having any second thoughts, download Ultimate Fox Simulator.

Ultimate Fox Simulator: Fox It in Your Own Way.

Have A Good Time Playing Ultimate Fox Simulator on Android!


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