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You can download Ultimate Jungle Simulator APK game for free from our website.

About Ultimate Jungle Simulator Android

What if you were an animal? Yes, you need to live in the jungle and survive in different ways. The animals try hard to get themselves food and shelter.

Do you want to experience how a lion eats a deer? Or how a monkey climbs high to catch bananas then the Ultimate Jungle Simulator Apk is a must play game for you. You can have an adventure that you want to feel in a jungle by becoming a gorilla or a deadly lion. it is a very fantastic game that will move you away from boredom and let you enjoy by getting involved in it. You can also download whenever you want the cool Construction Simulator 2014 Android.

Which one do you like to be?

This game gives you the opportunity to choose one of your favorite animals out of the 10 payable animals available in it. It has various species of jungle animals which are:

  • Tiger
  • Frog
  • Lemur
  • Macaw
  • Sloth
  • Panda
  • Gorilla
  • Parrot
  • Leopard
  • Snake
  • Chimpanzee

All the animals have their own level to play you just need to select your favorite animals and experience the real fun by creating families and leveling up with each victory to survive in the jungle.

Once you start playing Ultimate Jungle Simulator Android game you just can’t stop yourself from keeping playing it as it gives the best visual and sounds to make yourself identify as an animal.

The amazing parts of the game

There are different things which you get to play in this game which are:

  • The boss battles

There are 6 different boss battles that you can play to test your skills. There may be a tiger in a cove or a snake up the tree that can come and strike on the visitor. You got to keep yourself safe with different tactics.

  • Building a family

In the ultimate jungle simulator, you can dominate the other animals and make them a part of your family and also by the means of giving them treat you attract them to get in as your family member. You will get an option to get customize as any of the animals in the family pack and play smarter to rule the jungle. Also, try our Ultimate Wolf Simulator.

  • The babies of your species

You need to take special care of your babies and also do the job of searching for food for them. To protect them from other animals you have to carry them in your mouth and take all needed efforts to have a strong family with the help of your babies.

  • Level up the animal

As further, you go through the game you get to see many options for you to get excited with and one of them is leveling up your animal’s energy, resistance to attack, health, and more. Along with this you also get the option of customization of your animal’s name, skills, and appearance.

  • The other options

Besides the above in Ultimate Jungle Simulator Apk game, there are many other exciting options like earning stat points to increase speed, buffs can be upgraded, making your animals live in beautifully visualized dens, fighting with enemies of different kinds and species, and more.

This game is one of the best relaxing and adventurous ones who love to see how could be a life in a jungle. The high trees, bushes, dens, storms, day and night effects, and much more make you more excited to play this game.

Play Like an Animal and Have Great Fun with the Ultimate Jungle Simulator Android Apk Game!


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  1. rickd88 says:

    Jungle simulator best

  2. patstar5 says:

    nice graphics

  3. Jimieo says:

    playing it since yesterday and im really pleased

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