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If you are one of those with an adventurous nature, this game Ultimate Wolf Simulator is for you. This will be an awesome adventure for you, amidst wilderness and forests.

You can download Ultimate Wolf Simulator APK game for free from our website.

You must download this ultimate game of strength, dangers, and attack. Now, you have the power to unleash wolves with the help of your own strategies.

You can become one of those favorite characters, since childhood. Everything thing, that you wanted to be is the time for it. Hunt, kill, and feed with your pack and more!

About Ultimate Wolf Simulator Android

Great Features

  • You get a Realistic Simulator in Ultimate Wolf Simulator APK game – You need to kill, hunt, and feed on your prey to maintain your strength. In order to survive in the wild, you need to make sure; things are well within your reach.
  • Epic Fights – Another great feature. Become a real-time wolf, jump on your prey anytime, sink your sharp teeth into the flesh, and devour your prey.
  • You can also build your own wolf pack. That is one more plus point of the game. Your dreams become reality. Select and recruit wolves as per their strength, stats, health rankings, and more!

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  • Breed babies, yes that is another great part of the game. After crossing certain levels, you can breed cubs. Breed in the best qualities that will empower you.
  • Customization is another great feature that you get here. You can select your wolf’s fur, gender, name, and feel free to experiment.
  • You can increase the power of your wolves, on the way. Get bonus points, to increase health, stats, attack rate, speed. It is as adventurous as you can get.
  • You can earn Stat points, through which you get to increase your strength, power, and skills.
  • As you cross certain levels, get more unlockable skills. You can lick your wounds to get healing powers.
  • Ragdoll physics also comes into play. You can make the prey hang from your mouth.
  • 3D environment – You get a great environment.
  • HD Next-Generation graphics is another unforgettable part of the game.

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Reviews Ultimate Wolf Simulator

Those who have purchased the game, so far have given five stars. This is an absolutely lovely game for adults and kids, alike. You will simply love it. It is fuss-free and playing the game is easy. You never ever get bored with this game. It will keep you at the edge of your seats, always.

The improved joystick function, ragdoll effects, 20% fewer animals escaping the fight zone are the current upgrades, liked by all and sundry. This is the best animal game now.

Game Play Controls

You can get fearful of your opponents, with this game. Wild animals are simply fun and you will have fun while playing this game. You are the controller of the lone wolf. You will guard the wolf and make him play up, against all the harshness around you and in the environment.

There are numerous controls, like arrow keys, left click for the attack, space bar clicks to jump, and shift keys to sprint. The opportunities are endless.

Ultimate Wolf Simulator – Jump into the World of Wolves.

Have A Good Time Playing Ultimate Wolf Simulator Game on Android!


2 comments on "Ultimate Wolf Simulator"

  1. alphaelf says:

    Great upload and great game.Works like a charm as always.Thx

  2. Arnold says:

    game works pretty fine for me

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