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Get the experience of the eventful life of fashion and romantic adventures with our newly developed WANNABE CHALLENGE MOD APK (Unlimited Resources). Download it for Free from our website.

WANNABE CHALLENGE Mod Apk Information:

Mod FeaturesUnlimited Resources

About the game

WANNABE CHALLENGE is a mobile-based game where players actually role play like a girl. This girl lives with 4 other really handsome guys. Players will have the chance of doing different things with these boys. You can develop a romantic relationship with these boys or purchase different fashion items, clothes, etc. and upgrade the in-game appearance.

You are a is a famous fashion model who plans to run away from home. The appearance of four handsome boys in the house however causes a change of plans. You are now living under the same roof as 3 goblins and a 400-year-old fox, it must now be decided, who is the love of your life.

Love interests in the game

In the game, you will find a total of four love interests. These people are Kim Taehee, Kang Biho, Yoo Hansol, and Yooha. Players may need to collect the illustrations of their favorite guy. The WANNABE CHALLENGE mod apk game makes use of mechanics similar to gacha. Another simulation game for which we have developed a mod is Construction Simulator 2014.

You can unlock different romantic moments with each of these guys through in-game messages, social media accounts as well as long romantic phone calls. Through these activities, players can get hold of different illustration cards.


Within the game, you will be able to do partial voice acting as well as take part in fashion contests, appropriately named WANNABE CHALLENGE. Players can dress up in their own style and then find their true love. The rendezvous with 4 completely strange men surely makes sparks fly. Get unlimited resources with our Wannabe Challenge Mod apk.

Lots of unforeseen events will be taking place as you go about playing the game. Your fate in the game is also unknown and will definitely consist of some real heart-throbbing romance. Lots of exciting things peppered throughout the game make the life of the player really great.

Game Features

Players will have four really handsome models as their housemates. One can stay connected with the handsome guy by the use of mobile phone calls, messaging as well as social media. You will feel like going out on a romantic date with your charming guy every day in the game.

WANNABE CHALLENGE also gives you full freedom to snoop into the past stories of these guys and read about their fantasies. You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to different types of stories. The entire premise of the game is of a feel-good type and will really make your day.

Charming character

Girls looking forward to meeting their prince charming can find him within this game. You will always find comfort in the gentle voice of the guys on sleepless nights. The romantic stories that you will come across in the game will surely touch your hearts.

There are many ways you can dress up for the grand fashion content WANNABE CHALLENGE mod APK, such as casual style, feminine style, etc. People need to try out different fashion styles and choose the outfit that suits them in the best manner. You also have the choice of collecting illustrations of different special moments with these guys and leveling up your character.


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