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Another game created by Scott Cawthon, is the second game from the series. Now point and click play in the Ultimate Custom Knight APK. Download it for Free from our website.

Ultimate Custom Night Apk Information:

App nameUltimate Custom Night

Game Play

Now, getting trapped inside the office can scare you to hell. You can mix and match various characters, and have fun with them. Now, players can set the difficulty level from 0-20. Players can now just jump into action. Master the various tools that lead directly to the office. Moreover, players need doors, vents, hoses, as well as air hoses that directly lead to the office. There is so much to do, that you need to hurry.

Ultimate Custom Night APK is one game that is going to delight your senses. A player has to choose between 50 animatronics. As players, you can select the difficulty levels as well. At night, it is the player’s duty to keep a note of the mechanics, such as doors, ventilation systems, and duct systems. “Faz coins” are used in this game. Earn power and kill enemies. You ought to remove the ‘Death Coins.’ Select the specific office setting and choose power as per your liking. There is almost 57 animatronics in the game. There are 16 challenges that are available.

Moreover, there is a slew of customizable characters in the game. They are Foxy, JJ, Toy Chica, Mangle, The Puppet, and more. You can have so much fun it is totally unimaginable. There are non-customizable characters as well, like Dee Dee, Plushtrap, and Fredbear.

This is the great version of Five Nights. This is one standalone game that is being played worldwide. Play it on Android or iOS and conquer hearts. Moreover, the makers have added all the characters slowly. The ultimate in FNAF mashup, this is one game that you will like to play again and again.

There is an endless assortment of characters. Master the tools and rev up the game. You can do much more with the characters. This is a new feature. The game has taken a few bits and pieces from several other games. The best survival horror franchise in town today is here. You can try out Zombie Gunship MOD APK where you can get Unlimited Coins resources in the game.

Game Features – Ultimate Custom Night

  • Master the tools to complete challenges
  • Purchase items from the Prize counter
  • Sixteen-themed challenges
  • Unlock office screens
  • Unlock cut scenes
  • Offers a wide range of scary characters
  • 2GB RAM required
  • Selectable animatronics


Ultimate Custom Night has been well-received all over the globe. It is much better, than expected, says a few players. Only doors are problematic sometimes. Many players have commented that the port is nice. Ballora does not play music, near doors. This is a negative point. So, you can check out the other features.

It is a great game to play as a whole. Now, it has earned a reputation as the best survival video game today. Now, you can take part in endless matches that can help you make a difference in your mundane life. Break the ceiling and play the best game Ultimate Custom Night in the horror franchise today.


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